Protect your eyes. Wear sunglasses.

It is very important to wear UV protecting sunglasses when young. The most important years are ages 15 to 24. The problem is that the reflection of light from snow and water damages the eye and can cause glaucoma, especially exfoliation glaucoma. There usually are no symptoms. A yearly eye exam starting at age 40 is advised. If not treated in time you can become blind!

There are treatment options for glaucoma, including eyedrops, laser surgery and other procedures. But it is much better to try to prevent such a serious disease. It is very easy and even cool to wear sunglasses.

Dr. Louis Pasquale, a well known researcher and pioneer in early Glaucoma detection, Harvard Medical School professor of Ophthalmology and Director of the consultation service of the prestigous Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston, reviewed and approved the above article.

What is it like to have glaucoma?

No Glaucoma

Early Glaucoma

Mid-Stage Glaucoma

Advanced Glaucoma